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David Kilby has been president of FinFit since it was founded in 2008. He has grown the company from a single idea into the nation’s leading Financial Wellness Benefit platform. Prior to FinFit, David led a multimillion dollar financial holding company where he was inspired to find ways to help employees improve their financial health. At KPMG Peat Marwick, he worked with a diverse group of public and private organizations in a variety of industries including automotive, chemical manufacturing, consumer finance, managed health care, retail, real estate and wholesale organizations.

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This book is full of practical ideas that you can implement. Let’s face it, no one else has fixed the financial wellness problem. Now it’s up to employers. David shows us the ways that they can deliver for their employees while paying for financial wellness programs through increased workplace productivity.

John Hoffmire, Chairman, Personal Finance Employee Education Fund

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/The New Productivity Engine

The Compelling Impact of Financial Wellness in the Workplace

  • Are you interested in workplace-based financial wellness?
  • Do you prefer books that mix a statistical approach with stories about real life individuals?
  • Are you either based at an employer or are you a practitioner who serves employees?

This book is right up your alley. The New Productivity Engine will help you understand how to address financial problems employees are experiencing. Check it out on Amazon.

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The New Productivity Engine:

The Compelling Impact of Financial Wellness in the Workplace





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One in two employees would like to see a greater focus on well-being from their employer. Is your company committed to health and financial wellness?

All generations of employees see financial wellness as “freedom from financial stress and debt, enjoying life, and being prepared for emergencies.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2017 Employee Wellness Survey

More than 40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and don’t have $400 cash to pay for an emergency.

57% of employers agree that financial wellness programs have a positive effect on employee productivity.

Investopedia, 2018

67% of employees would like consultation on financial education.

14th Annual MetLife U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study


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